Do you experience boredom on a regular basis and is it affecting your health? Many who go through the trials and tribulations of a mundane life find themselves adopting unhealthy habits to pass the time – such as biting their nails. Or perhaps they find themselves annoying other people with persistent knocking or by clicking a pen. There have been many toys to help alleviate these issues over the years, but now there’s a toy that has been created specifically to tackle this problem: fidget toys.

Fidget toys have enjoyed a rather unique path to popularity –they were developed as part of a Kickstarter campaign which attracted huge interest and funding. Consider Antsy Lab’s Fidget Cube which picked up more than 400 times its target $15,000, accumulating a mighty $6.4 million. The purpose of a fidget toy? Well, there is none, besides giving you something to fidget with. There are many different tiers of fidget toys now. Seeking something basic? Then the Fidget Cube could be what you’re after, but if you are in search for a top-end product then you may want a metal fidget spinner such as our Starrss fidget spinner.

Fidget spinners are really ergonomic and do their job fantastically well. Again, they don’t do anything apart from spin – very rapidly once you’ve got the hang of them – but they are extremely satisfying and addictive. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from 3D printed plastic to metal, and even wooden. The weightier metal spinners can spin for more than one minute once you learn the art, and you’ll soon be challenging yourself to beat your best and achieve consistency.


What we Like

Admittedly, the fidget spinner starts off as a very hard sell as it’s difficult to convince someone why they should be interested in a product that ultimately serves no function – they are the most basic of time-passers. However, after a few minutes of twiddling and fiddling, the appeal becomes apparent and people realize just how fun they are to play with.

Besides killing time, do fidget toys offer anything that you could benefit from? While there’s no scientific evidence yet and everything is purely anecdotal, pretty much everyone who has had experience with a fidget spinner or a cube comment on how it has enabled them to cut out their unhygienic habits and eliminate nervous energy. No longer are they chewing their finger-nails down to the skin – and even beyond! Moreover, those who tested opined that fidget spinners helped them to keep more in tune with what was happening around them, instead of having their eyes locked to an electronic device every time they got a spare five minutes. The spinners also contributed to an increased level of discipline for office workers, who no longer found them doing unnecessary activities like making that extra cup of coffee. And, since the spinner can be played with in one hand, they could have a spin whenever they felt like it without getting distracted.

If you have and play with a fidget spinner in public, you’ll quickly find that you become the center of attention or at least have a conversation starter. As they are still relatively unknown to the wider population, expect plenty of people to come up to you and ask what you’re doing and even request a-go as well. What’s more, you may even find other like-minded spinners to spark up a chat with – the social aspect really cannot be underestimated in today’s world. With so many different types of spinners out there, you can also take your fad to the next level and purchase a few so you’ll never be in danger of getting bored again.

Whether these fidget spinners are really going to help you is something that you’re going to have to find out yourself. Since we are truly in the early stages, no one has anything conclusive to report on how useful and beneficial they actually are. That said, there’s definitely no harm in experimenting with them, and if you don’t want to break the bank straight away, there are plenty of inexpensive plastic spinners out there to get your feet wet.


Our Concerns

It’s fair to say that at the moment there are plenty of shoddy fidget spinners on the market that aren’t worth you investing your money in. While the 3D-printed spinners are good if you just want to try them they aren’t going to be a long-term choice. This is because that the bearings inside start to get stuck after a couple of days, significantly harming the spin-time and hence your enjoyment of the product. You can lubricate them but it’s a short-term fix to a long-term problem and after a while you’ll find the spinner to be more of a nuisance than a pleasure. Furthermore, if your spinner becomes gritty it is going to be noisier, ultimately defeating their purpose of being a silent fidget toy.

When it comes to cleaning your fidget spinner, it’s quite a lengthy ordeal although worth it if you have a high-quality spinner. Either soak them in warm water with some lemon juice, or rub in alcohol. Then ensure that you extensively dry them – take good care of your fidget spinner and it will reward you.


You are probably wondering whether there’s anything to prevent your fidget spinner from becoming gritty and dirty in the first place. From what we found, it depends more on your device than your surroundings – particles are always going to work their way in and get stuck if they have the chance. Follow the advice given with the instructions of each spinner that you buy and use the aforementioned cleaning tips to keep your spinner in good shape – as time goes on, there are sure to be superior cleaning methods developed.

For what you get, you could say that fidget spinners are rather pricey, and the top-end ones are admittedly not cheap. However, you do get what you pay for and if you have trouble with fidgeting and find a device like this to help, it’s surely worth making the investment. Torqbar boast the most expensive fidget spinners right now, with their products ranging between $139 to $199. If you aren’t prepared to make such a purchase then you still have plenty of options. The wooden spinners are really sophisticated and are nearly, if not as attractive as the metal spinners. And, while we’ve given 3D-printed spinners a bit of a hammering, they are really cheap and a spinner is definitely better than no spinner – although, if you do go for one of these, you’re going to have more trouble with grittiness and will probably be forced into buying more spinners which is going to bring your costs up over time.

The fidget spinner is supposed to help bring a sense of calm to somebody instead of work them up, but it’s possible that they could do the opposite if you are the type of person who can get a bit anxious and paranoid – particularly if you’ve shelled out a lot of money on a spinner. Try not to focus too intensely on your spinner’s health and whether it’s slowed down and becoming gritty or you’ll be worrying all the time and getting no satisfaction from it. Obviously keep an eye on any burgeoning problems, but don’t allow them to distract from your fun with a finger spinner. It’s worth pointing out that grittiness isn’t necessarily a severe issue and many spinners don’t experience it at all. The less you think about it, the less it will matter.


Our Final Thoughts

Everybody who trialled out these fidget spinners were positive about their experiences, despite being varied on what products they like. Let’s go over the specific points and comparisons that were made. The overwhelming response was that the higher quality fidget spinners really did thrive, proving that they were worth their heftier price tag. The Starrss models were a raving success and the V2 proved popular too. In comparison, the testers concluded that although the 3D-printed spinners worked for a period, they were inferior to the counterparts. On the whole, fidget spinners, in some shape or form, look like they’re here to stay.



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